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Affiliated Brokers(FCM)

One of the Larget FCMs in US
FXCM groups' net asset is more than 120 million dollars. They have a wide variety of products such as multi base-currency accounts or MT4 platform.

Gain Pro account offers you the narrowest spreads as little as 1 pip on major pairs.  You can even enjoy
2.5 pips on GBPJPY and 1 pip on GBPUSD.   

One of online broking pioneers
MG group is one of the oldest FX brokers in the US.  Their platform is stable and it can be accessed by cellular phones.  They accept the funding by Paypal.

Trade on the Wild Movements
ACM offers the narrowest spreads as low as 2 pips on majors.  ACM is also famous for its superior execution (WYCIWYG).  They say they are obtaining a banking license by the end of 2009.

1-2 pips on Majors
MIG is famous for its tight spreads.  Our affiliated consultant Office Mkataoka in Nagano, Japan will assist you in opening accounts with MIG.  They are in the process of becoming a Swiss bank within 2009.


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Merits of WIZ-FX
How to select FCM
 Gain Pro A/c open
FXwiz is a group of FX specialists
member NFA #0317955
Forex Wizard, Inc is registered with NFA as CTA and is under their control.  You can check our history of compliance by accessing the link below.
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For Those who wants to trade by themself
You can choose your broker from our affiliated FCMs.  We will support you not only to open an account, but to solve any trading issues with FCMs in Japanese.  ⇒ WIZ-FX

For Those who wants to ask somebody to trade FX.
We can assist you find your CTA trader with brokers like FXCM.  Although we do not guarantee your future profit, we can find your trader from our database.

We can assist you not only for opening account with FCM, but for solving trading disputes with FCMs for FREE..  For your guide, we support you by E-mails.00000 ⇒ Support Policy

FXwiz market Blog
News and Updates
FXCM Managed account 1.16. 2008
We have started to assist you to invest your money into FXCM's managed account which counted +64%in 2008(Sentiment Aggressive Fund).   We can negotiate with FXCM to reduce the commission to some extent.  Please contact us
⇒ FXCM Managed Account
Office Mkataoka signed an IB agreement with MIG     11.19. 2007
Our affiliated consulting office in Japan (Office Mkataoka) has signed an IB agreement with MIG in Swizterland.  We can have Office Mkataoka work for you to set up an account with MIG.
Angel Investors wanted 11.15. 2007
We are looking for some stable investors who are interested in investing to us for a long time prospect.  Please contact us. japandesk@fxwiz.com
In cooperation with FXCM UK 11.15.2007
Margin account with FXCM(UK) is fully segregated under the control of FSA.  Even under the bankruptcy of FXCM UK, margin accounts are safe as it is preferentially treated.

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  • Broker is compensated by the spread between buy/sell prices.

  • Leverage increases both potential gains and losses.

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